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    Date: 2022-04-26 14:08:39.530097


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    Date: 2022-04-28 09:03:45.388422

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Correction of PRC Leris Account Name Registered

Requested from PRC by L. NAVALES at 02:08 PM on Apr 26, 2022.
Purpose: To correct my account name
Date of Coverage: 03/28/2022 - 04/26/2022
Tracking no: #PRC-574406442504

NAVALES 02:08 PM, Apr 26, 2022

Hi! This is Lerma Belicario Navales, I'm requesting Po to correct my PRC Leris Account Name which is LERMA . to LERMA no period after my name..I can't process my registration for PRC ID because of mismatched name on my NOA. Thanks..

Professional Regulation Commission 09:03 AM, Apr 28, 2022

April 28, 2022


I refer to my letter of Apr 26, 2022 02:08:39 PM about your request under Executive Order No. 2 (s. 2016) on Freedom of Information in the Executive Branch, for Correction of PRC Leris Account Name Registered.

In order for us to work further on your request, provide us with a signed explanation letter as to why you have registered an account with a dot (.) in your name in the PRC Online.

Please be informed that we are aware that this format is from Pasabay Docs/PRC Account Assistance or from other fixers that are continuing to give false information and hard times to you, Professionals.

We are doing this because most of our concerns now are regarding the incorrect birth date (adding 1 year or changing the day of birth date) and incorrect names (adding characters to their name), and some are adding a DOT (.) to their names. This violation will take action soon.

NOTE: Please be reminded that creation of accounts with intentional use of the wrong date of birth or name/misdeclaration just to bypass the "Name Already Registered" notification   is a violation of terms and conditions of the use of PRC Online.

You may use the reply function on the eFOI portal at, for request with ticket number #PRC-574406442504, to respond.

During the period of us awaiting your reply, your request will be put on hold. If we do not receive a reply on or before Jul 21, 2022 12:50:49 AM, your request will be closed.

We hope to hear from you at the soonest possible time.

Thank you.

M. Castro
FOI Receiving Officer
Professional Regulation Commission

NAVALES 11:24 AM, Apr 28, 2022

It happened this way,, I create my LERIS Account to apply for LET Exam, the exam was postponed for how many years due to the pandemic. When the exam resume, I wasn't able to open my account anymore. Somebody offered online processing for PRC retrieval of account, through that, I was able to process again and took the exam. Luckily, I passed the exam. I was able to process also for the Virtual Oath Taking using that account. Now, that I'm trying to apply for registration for PRC ID, my LERIS account  and my record on NOA is mismatched. I found out, that my LERIS ACcount Name has a dot (.) after my name the reason why it made to be mismatched. This is my concern now, please help me process the correction of my account name.. Instead of LERMA . BELICARIO NAVALES it must goes this way: LERMA BELICARIO NAVALES 

Thank you and More Power...

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