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Unemployment Benefits for Retrenchment Case

Requested from DOLE by Joanna Matias at 03:06 PM on Aug 31, 2020.
Purpose: Unemployment Benefits for Retrenchment employees with no twelve monthly contribution due to COVID19
Date of Coverage: 06/19/2019 - 08/31/2020
Tracking no: #DOLE-402259998272

Joanna 03:06 PM, Aug 31, 2020

HI, I would like to request if I can still get my unemployment Benefits in SSS but I did not meet the criteria required because I was late informed by my company Scottland Food Group Corp that they retrench me last August 27, 2020 due to COVID19 our company did not operate since MArch 16, 2020, and my contributions was not updated due to absence of my work.
I want to ask if I can still get my benefits since my unemployment was not voluntary and they waited me for 4 months before they decided to retrench me in their company, my contribution was exceeded in 36 months pls help me.

Jann 10:10 AM, Sep 01, 2020

September 1, 2020

Dear Joanna,

Thank you for your request dated Aug 31, 2020 under Executive Order No. 2 (s. 2016) on Freedom of Information in the Executive Branch, for Unemployment Benefits for Retrenchment Case.

We received your request on Aug 31, 2020 and will respond on or before Sep 21, 2020 03:06:19 PM, in accordance with the Executive Order's implementing rules and regulations.

Should you have any questions regarding your request, kindly contact me using the reply function on the eFOI portal at, for request with ticket number #DOLE-402259998272.

Thank you.


Jann Barboza
FOI Officer

Mark 11:15 AM, Sep 01, 2020

September 1, 2020

Dear Joanna Matias,


Thank you for your request dated Aug 31, 2020 03:06:19 PM under Executive Order No. 2 (s. 2016) on Freedom of Information in the Executive Branch.

You asked for Unemployment Benefits for Retrenchment Case.

Unemployment insurance is just one of the benefits awaiting workers who were involuntarily separated for work, The SSS is the agency in charge of providing unemployment insurance, For the DOLE, its role is only on providing certification to the worker that he/she is indeed, separated from his/her current work based on the report that is submitted to us by the establishment.  This is part of the requirements for submission of the worker to the SSS. Part of the eligibility criteria of the SSS is the establishment and the worker have paid at least 36 months’ worth of monthly SSS contributions and 12 months have been paid in the last 18 months prior to job loss. For further clarification, you may reach the SSS thru this hotline 89206446 at any time between Monday to Friday.

For the part of DOLE, it is our policy that workers who were separated from employment due to authorized causes shall be entitled to the final pay, pursuant to LA No. 6 series of 2020 without prejudice to other benefits as provided for by law, company policy and/or collective bargaining agreement.
For any clarifications you may reach us thru the DOLE Hotline 1349,  24/7

If you are not satisfied with the result of the review, you then have the right to appeal to the Office of the President under Administrative Order No. 22 (s. 2011).

Thank you.


Mark Valeros
FOI Receiving Officer

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