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Certified True Copy of Original Licensed Promoter

Requested from GAB by Manny Canizares at 03:31 PM on January 02, 2020.
Purpose: Official Verification
Date of Coverage: 12/02/2019 - 01/02/2020
Tracking no: #GAB-699718826776

Medical Records of Current Professional Filipino Boxers in Metro Manila

Requested from GAB by Richlyn Sze at 10:40 AM on December 10, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2000 - 12/10/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-122683917392

GAB Reso. No. 2018-15

Requested from GAB by Butch de Guinto at 03:48 PM on December 03, 2019.
Purpose: For Esports tournament here in Philippines
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2019 - 12/03/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-327630855893

Current Professional Filipino Boxers

Requested from GAB by Richlyn Sze at 12:26 AM on December 01, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1950 - 11/30/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-004636039739

Budget for 2019 Philippine Sea Games Logo

Requested from GAB by Arvin Jed Cruz at 10:15 AM on November 25, 2019.
Purpose: For public awareness
Date of Coverage: 11/25/2019 - 11/25/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-792749774639

Statistical datas about esports here in the philippines

Requested from GAB by Dan Isaiah Jao at 02:31 PM on October 04, 2019.
Purpose: Thesis Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2018 - 10/04/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-916137511046

E-Sports Regulations and Statistics

Requested from GAB by Kimberly Camille Mendoza at 02:24 AM on September 23, 2019.
Purpose: Research for Thesis
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2017 - 09/23/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-751134730849

Esports regulations and statistics in the Philippines

Requested from GAB by Edren Ross Merzo at 01:39 AM on September 17, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 09/17/2017 - 09/17/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-405969640174

Philippine E-Sports Statistics

Requested from GAB by Wesley Bildan at 11:23 AM on August 30, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 08/30/2019 - 08/30/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-980672177767

Dota 2, Mobile Legends at LoL, Maituturing nga bang Sports: Pananaliksik sa Implementasyon ng eSport

Requested from GAB by Youzelle Gundayao at 09:25 AM on February 26, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 02/26/2010 - 02/26/2019
Tracking no: #GAB-492390833351

legal basis of off-site cockpit in the municipality

Requested from GAB by Kristian Paolo Palabrica at 05:15 PM on November 24, 2018.
Purpose: clarification
Date of Coverage: 11/24/2018 - 11/24/2018
Tracking no: #GAB-343080134075

eSports regulations (GAB Reso No. 2017-21) and Basic Statistics

Requested from GAB by Mcgyver Doria at 06:28 PM on October 17, 2018.
Purpose: Journal article on eSports regulation and its legal challenges
Date of Coverage: 10/17/2017 - 10/17/2018
Tracking no: #GAB-826565407187

Horse Racing in the Philippines

Requested from GAB by Alyssa Miclat at 11:47 PM on September 30, 2018.
Purpose: MBA Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2015 - 12/30/2017
Tracking no: #GAB-513817305332

Documents and issuances pertaining to the regulation of professional team sports

Requested from GAB by Claire Marcelo at 09:08 PM on August 13, 2018.
Purpose: Research for law school thesis
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1951 - 08/13/2018
Tracking no: #GAB-517075107038

List of Licensed Professional E-Gamers

Requested from GAB by Serena Parlade at 12:23 PM on February 13, 2018.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 07/01/2017 - 02/13/2018
Tracking no: #GAB-855879933713

Registered Cockpit at San Pascual, Masbate

Requested from GAB by Antonio Obano at 01:16 AM on November 10, 2017.
Purpose: For Reference and Information
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2015 - 11/10/2017
Tracking no: #GAB-084871238763

Budget Allotment for Athletes Last year

Requested from GAB by Pat Monte at 06:40 PM on September 08, 2017.
Purpose: School research work
Date of Coverage: 09/08/2017 - 09/08/2017
Tracking no: #GAB-121856429679

Income For The Past Year

Requested from GAB by Pat Monte at 09:33 PM on September 06, 2017.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 09/06/2017 - 09/06/2017
Tracking no: #GAB-695214499344

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The Games and Amusements Board is mandated by law to fully implement and enforce rules and regulations governing the conduct of all professional sports and games in the country, including the activities of professional athletes, game officials and other sports personnel.

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