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What is Freedom of Information?

Operationalizing in the Executive Branch the People’s constitutional right to information and state policies to full public disclosure and transparency in public service.

Executive Order No. 2

The executive order on Freedom of Information opens the executive branch along with the agencies below it to the people. It makes government as transparent as ever.

It strengthens the right to information as enshrined in our constitution.

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The Philippine government is now an open government.

The executive order on Freedom of Information fuels citizen participation. Now every Filipino can easily use government information to ignite everyday change.

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Transparency is the cornerstone of this government for the people. Get involved, be a partner.

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Right to Request Review

Should you get your request and not be satisfied with the result, you may ask the government office to carry out an internal review of the response. Simply bring your request to the government office directly and file an internal review.

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