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    Date: 2023-08-08 16:28:11.637588

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Requested from METBWD by K. Manuel at 04:28 PM on Aug 08, 2023.
Purpose: Health Workforce Planning and Policy Development
Date of Coverage: 08/08/2023 - 08/08/2023
Tracking no: #METBWD-537892523251

Manuel 04:28 PM, Aug 08, 2023

Dear colleagues in the National Government,

We humbly ask your assistance in providing us with the LATEST DATA on the number of licensed medical and allied health professionals, regardless of their position or designation, who are employed by your respective agency/office.
Kindly disaggregate your data according to current position, gender, age, and profession (doctor, nurse, midwife, medtech, psychologist, psychometrician, social worker, among others).

This information will be used to address the current challenges on Philippine health workforce. Thank you very much.

Manuel 02:30 PM, Nov 24, 2023

Greetings from Health!

On behalf of the Health Human Resource Development Bureau (HHRDB) under the Department of Health (DOH), I extend warm greetings from the health sector.

We are reaching out to kindly request your cooperation in providing important data related to the number of licensed medical and allied health professionals employed by your respective agency/office, regardless of their specific position or designation.

In our pursuit of strengthening the healthcare workforce in the Philippines, we are keen to have a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape. To achieve this, we kindly ask you to disaggregate the data you provide according to the following criteria:

Current Position: Please specify the roles or positions that licensed medical and allied health professionals hold within your organization.
Gender: Provide a breakdown of professionals based on gender for a more holistic analysis.
Age: Share data on the age distribution of these professionals.
Profession: Categorize the professionals according to their specific medical or allied health field, such as doctor, nurse, midwife, medtech, psychologist, psychometrician, social worker, and any other relevant categories.

Your assistance in furnishing this data is invaluable and will greatly contribute to addressing the current challenges faced by the Philippine health workforce. This information will aid us in making informed decisions, implementing targeted policies, and ensuring the well-being of our healthcare professionals.

We understand the demands on your time and resources and sincerely appreciate your willingness to support this endeavor. Please rest assured that all provided data will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of healthcare workforce analysis and development.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and commitment to the advancement of the healthcare sector in the Philippines. Your contribution is vital to our collective efforts to address the current challenges on the Philippine health workforce. Thank you very much.

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