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Requested from BI by M. Agustin at 07:44 AM on May 17, 2023.
Date of Coverage: 04/02/2016 - 02/29/2020
Tracking no: #BI-948209569099

i forgot to claim my arrival sticker receipt while arriving in the phils

Requested from BI by R. PEÑAREDONDO at 08:10 AM on May 09, 2023.
Purpose: to make a hassle free travelling back to ksa
Date of Coverage: 04/23/2023 - 04/24/2023
Tracking no: #BI-326661182482

Query the reason for uninstallation

Requested from BI by B. Liu at 05:25 AM on April 30, 2023.
Purpose: Lifting of the departure
Date of Coverage: 04/05/2023 - 04/30/2023
Tracking no: #BI-613637247062

Arrival sticker in EGate

Requested from BI by H. Peña at 09:17 PM on March 30, 2023.
Purpose: OFW and Travel requirements.
Date of Coverage: 03/28/2023 - 03/30/2023
Tracking no: #BI-293001689986

Arrival sticker

Requested from BI by A. vlog at 03:11 AM on March 28, 2023.
Purpose: Arrival sticker
Date of Coverage: 03/28/2023 - 03/28/2023
Tracking no: #BI-468918112095

Hello..... I'm Royal family Justice at Lurd empperaon puoi King Edward henry Rabe at malacañang King

Requested from BI by E. Rabe at 07:46 PM on March 07, 2023.
Purpose: Hello..... I'm Royal family Justice at Lurd empperaon puoi King Edward henry Rabe at malacañang King
Date of Coverage: 10/04/1980 - 10/04/2020
Tracking no: #BI-156655943215

The total number of students from India entering Davao City to study medicine

Requested from BI by K. Monton at 04:07 PM on March 01, 2023.
Purpose: Research purposes
Date of Coverage: 02/28/2023 - 02/28/2023
Tracking no: #BI-227377751847

9g visa downgrading status

Requested from BI by C. Sekeon at 01:43 PM on February 20, 2023.
Purpose: 9g visa downgrading status
Date of Coverage: 01/22/2023 - 02/20/2023
Tracking no: #BI-925639705805

Passport Requirements for Dual Citizen

Requested from BI by A. Delez at 12:32 AM on December 30, 2022.
Purpose: To obtain a Philippine Passport as a Dual Citizen of USA and Philippines
Date of Coverage: 12/29/2022 - 12/29/2022
Tracking no: #BI-267664584732

5-year limit of work visa issuance (Sen. Miriam Santiago as Commissioner))

Requested from BI by K. Cantor at 10:11 AM on November 21, 2022.
Purpose: To respond to client's inquiry
Date of Coverage: 11/21/2012 - 11/21/2022
Tracking no: #BI-767972246481

Applying Voluntary Deportation

Requested from BI by j. du at 07:54 PM on October 01, 2022.
Purpose: safety purpose and to fix all document to legal
Date of Coverage: 09/13/2022 - 10/01/2022
Tracking no: #BI-884157572304

no derogatory record

Requested from BI by e. alonzo at 08:17 PM on May 23, 2022.
Purpose: to verify my records
Date of Coverage: 04/01/2022 - 05/23/2022
Tracking no: #BI-560736270710

Certification of Dual citizenship

Requested from BI by M. Arriola at 05:29 AM on March 02, 2022.
Purpose: Passport renewal
Date of Coverage: 04/06/2016 - 04/06/2016
Tracking no: #BI-251314667755

Horrible Immigration process in Manila Airport NAIA

Requested from BI by D. Osorio at 05:40 PM on December 13, 2021.
Date of Coverage: 12/12/2021 - 12/13/2021
Tracking no: #BI-652959198872

Filipino & Foreigner Entry and Exit in Philippines

Requested from BI by K. Estopace at 04:45 PM on July 07, 2021.
Purpose: Research Report on Regional Tourism and Transport Development
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2015 - 12/31/2020
Tracking no: #BI-141027596185

Nationalities of Foreign Residents living in Bohol Province and how many in its nationalities

Requested from BI by A. Lusano at 12:44 PM on May 27, 2021.
Purpose: Research & Development
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2021 - 05/01/2021
Tracking no: #BI-109447074982


Requested from BI by R. Domingo at 06:46 PM on May 10, 2021.
Purpose: Research & Development
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2018 - 05/10/2021
Tracking no: #BI-821580528426

incoming and outgoing seafarers in Negros Oriental from the year 2009-2019

Requested from BI by M. Charcos at 02:15 PM on April 14, 2021.
Purpose: Architectural Thesis
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2009 - 01/01/2019
Tracking no: #BI-008089993582


Requested from BI by B. CHOI at 03:43 PM on September 14, 2020.
Purpose: Requirement for SRRV Cancellation
Date of Coverage: 08/13/2020 - 08/13/2020
Tracking no: #BI-711656906104

About this agency

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) is principally responsible for the administration and enforcement of immigration, citizenship, and alien admission and registration laws in accordance with the provisions of the Philippine Immigration Act of 1940. It also plays a role in the enforcement of RA 9208, also known as the Anti-Trafficking In Persons Act of 2003.

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