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Requested from NPC by R. Catubig at 07:25 AM on November 25, 2023.
Purpose: Change my application to Non-appearance
Date of Coverage: 10/25/2023 - 11/25/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-814122969499


Requested from NPC by j. caseñas at 10:04 AM on November 22, 2023.
Purpose: cancel liscense of OLA, and face their crime
Date of Coverage: 11/16/2023 - 11/22/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-760519379806

Harassment from lending apps

Requested from NPC by C. Bernas at 03:27 PM on November 19, 2023.
Purpose: Reporting on abusive lending apps
Date of Coverage: 11/01/2023 - 11/19/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-136314256539

To stop these illegal Lending companies, in tracing my contact details and sending them death threat

Requested from NPC by C. Chan at 03:06 PM on November 14, 2023.
Purpose: Tracing my contacts without my permission is against the law. They kept on sending death threats
Date of Coverage: 10/26/2023 - 11/11/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-387448297315

Peso Wallet Harassments

Requested from NPC by H. Burgos at 11:11 AM on November 10, 2023.
Purpose: My information was leaked and experience harassment from lending company.
Date of Coverage: 11/10/2023 - 11/10/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-295296539851

Abusive On line Apps

Requested from NPC by D. Narvaez at 05:12 PM on November 09, 2023.
Purpose: For your information
Date of Coverage: 10/28/2023 - 11/04/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-350984114794

PeraMoo Online Lending App Harassment

Requested from NPC by L. Mangubat at 10:57 AM on November 08, 2023.
Purpose: Stop Harassment
Date of Coverage: 10/27/2023 - 11/05/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-786955394756

OLA Harrasment and Devlbt Shaming

Requested from NPC by M. Decena at 03:08 AM on November 08, 2023.
Purpose: Investigate and to stop harrasment and debt shaming
Date of Coverage: 10/27/2023 - 10/27/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-353979707668

death threaths,harassment,data privacy act and cyber crime ng mga OLA

Requested from NPC by J. Cayabo at 04:31 AM on November 07, 2023.
Purpose: matihil na panghaharass sa mga ckient nila at matanggal lesensya sa sec at di na makapagoperate
Date of Coverage: 11/06/2023 - 11/06/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-584709198703

Data regarding security incidents using deepfakes in the Philippines

Requested from NPC by J. Viduya at 07:28 PM on November 06, 2023.
Purpose: Thesis
Date of Coverage: 09/01/2012 - 11/06/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-886209017436

Harassment and Grave Threats from OLA

Requested from NPC by C. Lisondra at 01:12 AM on November 02, 2023.
Purpose: Complain
Date of Coverage: 10/19/2023 - 10/19/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-209587743345

PesoQ Online Lending Harassing us

Requested from NPC by N. Morong at 01:30 PM on October 31, 2023.
Purpose: I want them to stop
Date of Coverage: 10/31/2023 - 10/31/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-558935621968

Republic of the fhilippinas

Requested from NPC by S. Saint Sheryl Oleta Crespo at 12:42 PM on October 29, 2023.
Purpose: Republic of the fhilippinas
Date of Coverage: 10/10/1981 - 10/10/2020
Tracking no: #NPC-574417529881


Requested from NPC by M. Dela Cruz at 06:24 PM on October 27, 2023.
Purpose: para wala silang mascam
Date of Coverage: 10/02/2023 - 10/25/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-458769132571

Request for Help for Cybercrime

Requested from NPC by C. Bastonq at 04:00 PM on October 27, 2023.
Purpose: Call for help
Date of Coverage: 09/01/2023 - 10/24/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-029619913780


Requested from NPC by Z. MATOS at 03:36 AM on October 26, 2023.
Date of Coverage: 10/10/2023 - 10/26/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-606505787226

Hellopeso harassment

Requested from NPC by R. Agduro at 09:26 AM on October 25, 2023.
Purpose: To shutdown down the illegal revoked hellopeso lending
Date of Coverage: 10/13/2023 - 10/25/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-230549651420

Online loan harassment

Requested from NPC by L. Mahilum at 06:45 PM on October 24, 2023.
Purpose: To report online loan harassment and threatening.
Date of Coverage: 09/28/2023 - 10/24/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-470284618639

Pautang Online Lending App Violation of Privacy Act of Lending Agent

Requested from NPC by G. Parame at 09:35 AM on October 24, 2023.
Purpose: Pautang Online Lending App Violation of Privacy Act of Lending Agent
Date of Coverage: 10/23/2023 - 10/24/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-869390392036

Online Loan Harrassment

Requested from NPC by M. Rivera at 10:05 PM on October 19, 2023.
Purpose: To protect my personal information, they threating me to much.
Date of Coverage: 10/16/2023 - 10/19/2023
Tracking no: #NPC-702309917914


About this agency

The National Privacy Commission is the country's privacy watchdog; an independent body mandated to administer and implement the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and to monitor and ensure compliance of the country with international standards set for data protection.

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