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Status of project - WTE in Sablan, Benguet

Requested from PNOCRC by N. Castillo at 10:39 AM on November 16, 2021.
Purpose: Research and development
Date of Coverage: 11/15/2020 - 11/15/2021
Tracking no: #PNOCRC-770306140066

Well data in Mt. Labo

Requested from PNOCRC by N. De Ocampo at 10:18 AM on November 10, 2021.
Purpose: Academic research work
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2000 - 11/09/2021
Tracking no: #PNOCRC-040254657596

Well Data in Mabini, San Juan and Marinduque

Requested from PNOCRC by K. Mangui at 11:21 AM on November 09, 2021.
Purpose: Research and Development (Academic Work)
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2004 - 11/09/2021
Tracking no: #PNOCRC-309113185313

Project proposal of WTE in Baguio

Requested from PNOCRC by D. Castillo at 02:02 PM on October 07, 2021.
Purpose: Research and development
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2018 - 10/07/2021
Tracking no: #PNOCRC-230971043128

Monthly Power Output Data of Hydropower Plants in the Philippines

Requested from PNOCRC by C. Perez at 03:21 PM on April 09, 2019.
Purpose: 1. For Master's Degree Thesis 2. Research and Development (Forecasting)
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018
Tracking no: #PNOCRC-807899818351

About this agency

To promote and undertake research, development, utilization, manufacture, sale, marketing, distribution and commercial application ofnew, renewable, non-conventional and environment-friendly energy sources and systems including but not limited to solar, wind, water, heat, steam, ocean, tidal, biomass, biogas, chemical, mechanical, electrical, synthetic, agricultural, and other natural, fossil or non-fossil fuel based, artificial, organic or otherwise, and of energy systems that use new, renewable and energy resources applying new and efficient energy conversion and/or utilization technologies for commercial application and promote their efficient utilization.

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