Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission

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Project Soil Data and Master Plan of Pasig River Flood Control Project

Requested from PRRC by Clinton Pagunuran at 03:39 PM on February 20, 2019.
Purpose: Research and Development
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2010 - 02/20/2019
Tracking no: #PRRC-408366845143

Letter of Request

Requested from PRRC by Katrina Cheng at 11:22 AM on February 09, 2019.
Purpose: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Research
Date of Coverage: 02/01/2019 - 02/09/2019
Tracking no: #PRRC-202304732222

Current condition of the Pasig-Marikina River

Requested from PRRC by Brendelle Joyce Ugay at 11:16 AM on January 24, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2019 - 01/24/2019
Tracking no: #PRRC-503785606162

What are the requirements for putting business in Pasig River

Requested from PRRC by Joana Rose Bariuad at 11:42 AM on January 11, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/11/2019 - 01/11/2019
Tracking no: #PRRC-375429128328

Pasig River Esplanade Project Plan

Requested from PRRC by Julia de Santos at 01:34 AM on November 28, 2018.
Purpose: Thesis Research
Date of Coverage: 11/28/2018 - 11/28/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-574733007757

Improvement of Pasig River since the inception of PRRC

Requested from PRRC by Maria Shantelle Alexies Ambayec at 12:28 PM on November 19, 2018.
Purpose: I'm writing a paper about the Pasig River for my graduate thesis.
Date of Coverage: 11/19/1999 - 11/19/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-252016677776

Data on the Pasig River Physical and Chemical Characteristics

Requested from PRRC by Roobe Maynard Oracion at 01:55 PM on November 07, 2018.
Purpose: Undergraduate Design Project
Date of Coverage: 08/01/2017 - 08/01/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-767154296939

Data on Pasig River Water Quality; Past, Present, & Future Projects; Household Demographic Data

Requested from PRRC by Brendelle Joyce Ugay at 07:49 PM on October 03, 2018.
Purpose: Undergraduate Thesis
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2015 - 10/03/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-505218149850

Pasig River Esplanade Project Plan

Requested from PRRC by Shammah Caleb Mendoza at 12:53 PM on October 01, 2018.
Purpose: Undergraduate Thesis Data
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2016 - 09/30/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-437480434363

New Pasig River Ferry System Masterplan

Requested from PRRC by Glaidale Hibaya at 11:37 AM on June 26, 2018.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 06/26/2018 - 06/26/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-254276707689

Pasig River Ferry

Requested from PRRC by Job Barallas at 12:49 PM on March 24, 2018.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2017 - 03/24/2018
Tracking no: #PRRC-655035044845

The list of new upcoming and propososed budgeted projects

Requested from PRRC by Florante Cendaña at 02:05 PM on October 04, 2017.
Purpose: Be able to join some of the bidding.
Date of Coverage: 10/01/2017 - 10/04/2017
Tracking no: #PRRC-462581289568

About this agency

The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) was created in January 1999 by virtue of Executive Order No. 54, as amended by Executive Order No. 65 to ensure that the Pasig River is rehabilitated to its historically pristine condition conducive for the propagation of fishes and other aquatic resources, transport, recreation and tourism.

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