Santa Cruz (Laguna) Water District

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Hello.I'm Royal family Justice at Lurd empperaon puoi King Edward henry Rabe.Malacañang palace King

Requested from SCWD by E. Rabe at 08:33 PM on March 19, 2023.
Purpose: Hello.I'm Royal family Justice at Lurd empperaon puoi King Edward henry Rabe.Malacañang palace King
Date of Coverage: 10/04/1980 - 10/04/2020
Tracking no: #SCWD-997607831811

Data/records regarding water consumption of households in Laguna from the year 2000-2022

Requested from SCWD by M. Jaraplasan at 02:44 AM on November 24, 2022.
Purpose: Data Story
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2000 - 11/24/2022
Tracking no: #SCWD-336102443821

Financial assistance for my mother bagong panganak kakulngan sa dugo

Requested from SCWD by J. Solano at 10:29 AM on November 14, 2022.
Purpose: Upang matulungan ang aking nanay
Date of Coverage: 11/14/2022 - 11/14/2022
Tracking no: #SCWD-555716353603

Monthly Water Consumption per barangay disaggregated to user type

Requested from SCWD by M. Del Castillo at 11:07 AM on August 11, 2022.
Purpose: Academic Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2014 - 06/30/2022
Tracking no: #SCWD-713754786130

Laguna Water LTI Septage Treatment Plant

Requested from SCWD by W. Alihuddin at 03:54 PM on October 19, 2021.
Purpose: Academic Purpose (Research Paper on Sewerage and Urban Drainage Planning, SCEGE, Mapua University)
Date of Coverage: 10/19/2018 - 10/19/2021
Tracking no: #SCWD-322174571105

List of Unsolicited Proposals received by SCWD in 2018 with dates of receipt

Requested from SCWD by C. Maranan at 10:45 AM on May 20, 2019.
Purpose: Research
Date of Coverage: 01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018
Tracking no: #SCWD-540499974801

Letter of Request

Requested from SCWD by K. Cheng at 11:30 AM on February 09, 2019.
Purpose: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Research
Date of Coverage: 02/01/2019 - 02/09/2019
Tracking no: #SCWD-777857480823

About this agency

The Santa Cruz (Laguna) Water District is the water service provider in the town of Santa Cruz, Laguna as mandated by Presidential Decree No. 198, tasked to ensure the health, welfare and prosperity of the of the municipality of Santa Cruz, Laguna and its residents through the continued and uninterrupted supply of clean, safe, adequate and potable water on a twenty-four (24) hour basis, all year round.

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