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Files of my usaffe veteran grandfather Jose Miranda Guacena Sr.

Requested from VFP by J. Rayos at 03:51 AM on June 28, 2021.
Purpose: Requirement purposes
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1941 - 01/01/2016
Tracking no: #VFP-505979560145

Requesting for Agency Profile

Requested from VFP by A. Balidoy at 03:09 PM on March 23, 2021.
Purpose: For course's major subject requirement
Date of Coverage: 03/23/2021 - 03/23/2021
Tracking no: #VFP-585981659056

Benito Galfo Fernandez records and documents

Requested from VFP by S. Fernandez at 07:58 PM on January 09, 2021.
Purpose: Personal use
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1970 - 12/31/1985
Tracking no: #VFP-079767487231

Cornelia Moleta Dalida

Requested from VFP by M. Dalida at 05:11 PM on January 22, 2020.
Purpose: Pvao veterans Survivor spouse
Date of Coverage: 08/01/2019 - 01/21/2020
Tracking no: #VFP-192633720053

Record of Mr. Francisco

Requested from VFP by G. CONCEPCION at 04:22 PM on September 03, 2019.
Purpose: Personal Record of my Grandparents
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1900 - 01/01/1960
Tracking no: #VFP-239778403756

The number of veterans registered in VFP in the Philippine Navy

Requested from VFP by B. Sangalang at 06:29 PM on August 18, 2019.
Purpose: Architectural Thesis Research
Date of Coverage: 08/18/2014 - 08/18/2019
Tracking no: #VFP-476265934710

Primary/Archival documents on Guimba, Nueva Ecija

Requested from VFP by C. Velasco at 08:39 PM on April 12, 2019.
Purpose: Undergraduate Thesis
Date of Coverage: 01/01/1941 - 12/31/1946
Tracking no: #VFP-176981761435

About this agency

The Veterans Federation of the Philippines is a unified community of Filipino veterans adhering to the principles of good governance, ensuring the social and economic well-being of all veterans of member-organizations, and a strong partner in nation building. The Executive Board members, who are elected veterans by their fellow veterans through an election process, are the Supreme Council or the governing body of the organization. Membership is voluntary. The two main services provided by the Federation are Burial and Medical Financial Assistance to all members-in-good-standing.

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