Armed Forces of the Philippines

A World-class Armed Forces, Source of National Pride

Bureau of Corrections

A national correctional agency which is under the supervision of the Department of Justice

Bureau of Fire Protection

To save lives and properties

Bureau of Immigration

Acts as the primary enforcement arm of the Department of Justice and the President of the Philippines in ensuring that all foreigners within its territorial jurisdiction comply with existing laws.

Bureau of Jail Management and Penology

Supervises and controls all district, city and municipal jails

Dangerous Drugs Board

Policy-making and strategy-formulating body on drug abuse prevention and control

Department of Justice

The government's principal law, prosecution agency

Department of National Defense

Defends the nation against internal and external threats to national peace and security

Government Arsenal

The Government Arsenal manufactures ammunition and other munitions for use of the AFP, PNP and other government law enforcement agencies.

Land Registration Authority

Protector and implementor of the Torrens system of land titling and registration of the country.

Local Government Academy

Training arm of the DILG Local Government Sector.

National Bureau of Investigation

The premier investigative agency of the Philippines

National Defense College of the Philippines

The governments premier institution for education and research on defense and national security

National Police Commission

A competent and responsive overseer of an effective police service

National Privacy Commission

The Philippine's personal data protection authority

Office of Civil Defense

Implementing arm of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC)

Office of the Government Corporate Counsel

Safeguards the interests of all government-owned and controlled corporations

Office of the Solicitor General

Represents the Government in any litigation, proceeding, or investigation

Parole and Probation Administration

Responsible for providing a less costly alternative to imprisonment of first-time offenders.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency

Implementation of RA 9165 of Comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act of 2002

Philippine National Police

Enforces the law for peace and order in the country

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development

Assist the Chief PNP in formulating policies and managing all matter pertaining to human resource doctrine and development.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management

Assist the Chief PNP in policy formulation and managing information, electronic and communication technology resources to promote, develop, and regulate integrated and strategic ICT systems, and reliable and efficient communications infrastructure in support to the PNP mission.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Integrated Police Operation Northern Luzon

The mandate is to 'integrate, direct, and supervise the conduct of the inter-regional, inter-operability, counter terrorism and counter insurgency operation against lawless elements which transcend regional boundaries and to provide a system for the promotion of regional socio-economic development'. DIPO-NL exercise directing function authority over the Police Regional office 1, 2, 3 and Cordillera.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Intelligence

Assist the Chief PNP in attaining intelligence objective thru the effective management of all intelligence and counter intelligence activities of the PNP.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management

Assist and advise the Chief PNP in the direction, control, coordination and supervision of the investigation of all crime incidents and offences in violation of the laws of the Philippines.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Logistics

Ensure provision of Resources for PNP Operations by efficient logistics administration through the implementation of responsive policies.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Operations

Assist the Chief PNP in the exercise of command, control, direction, coordination, and supervision of all activities concerning operations, organization, employment, deployment and training of the Philippine National Police.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Plans

Assist and advise the Chief PNP in the areas of plans and programs that are beyond the immediate operational and tactical range.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Police Community Relations

Manage (plan, direct, coordinate, supervise, and control) the Police Community Relations (PCR) programs, projects, and activities of the PNP.

Philippine National Police - Directorate for Research and Development

Assist and advise the Chief PNP in the conduct of research and development, test and evaluation of clothing materials, vehicles and equipment required by the PNP for the effective and efficient maintenance of law and order and public safety and in the formulation and implementation of the PNP Self Reliant Development Program.

Philippine Public Safety College

Educatian and training institution for the DILG uniformed personnel

Philippine Veterans Affairs Office

The Philippine Veterans Affairs Office is a bureau under the Department of National Defense that serves as a channel of the nations gratitude to its defenders the Filipino veterans.

Presidential Commission on Good Government

Assists the President to recover Marcos' ill-gotten wealth and investigate cases of graft and corruption

Public Attorneys Office

Extends free legal assistance to indigent persons in various cases